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We are fortunate to have two different styles of Sunday Morning worship to choose from each week.

At 9:00 we have a classic service which allows guests and members to reverently worship our Lord and Savior with hymns of praise and a biblical message.

Our 11:00 service is an alternative style of worship and praise for guests and members.  The biblical message is similar to that of the classic service and is accompanied by newer songs of praise.


Pastor Sherwin's Ten Reasons for Going to Church Every Sunday


1. Renew

Everyone goes through times where enthusiasm for life melts away.  We all have times where our faith diminishes.  Worship on Sunday renews faith and energizes attitudes for all of life.

2. Laugh

Yes.  We laugh.  Humor is a valuable part of worship.  Most of it is unplanned.  Sherwin’s brother told him years ago that: “People aren’t laughing at you because you’re funny, they are laughing because you are so stupid…”

3. Pray

Face it.  You don’t pray much. Church services remind you of the importance of prayer.  They jump start your prayer life.  You learn more about prayer.  When your family is with you, they see you praying and that is an example that changes lives.

4. Sing

Songs of faith can move mountains of despair.  You probably won’t like all the songs.  But some of them will change your life.

5. Help

You will often find ways to help in your community.  When you help, it reduces inherent narcissism.  You think less of yourself and more of others.  You become more grateful for what you have.  You become a better person and a happier one.

6. Give

Yes.  Put in some money. Do something with your cash for God instead of for yourself.  Don’t expect anything back and you will be surprised at how blessed you are.  We all waste money.  Here you have an opportunity to do something positive with it.

7. Meet

Connect with other people.  Laketon Bethel accepts everyone, including you.  Many friendships are made on a regular basis.  We have great coffee and cookies, which help in all sorts of discussions.

8.  Learn

The guy up front is trained and experienced and often knows what he is talking about.  You will learn something every Sunday.

9. Grow

When you put what you learn into practice, you will find positive changes in your life.  You will have unstoppable growth in ways you don’t always expect. 

10. Jesus

The church exists because of Jesus. When you participate in it regularly, he is pleased. One day you will meet him face-to-face.  If you regularly connect with him through weekly worship services, that meeting will be happy.