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December 4, 2022 - No Critics for Christmas
NO CRITICS FOR CHRISTMAS: Treat others the way you want to be treated.  No negative criticism.  Ever.  Especially within our families and our circle of friends.  Make the holidays this year critic-free.
November 27, 2022 - How to Expel Your Inner Grouch
HOW TO EXPEL YOUR INNER GROUCH: The more you let your roots sink into Jesus, the more you move from being an angry pessimist into a grateful optimist.
November 20, 2022 - Four Ways to Reduce Worry
November 13, 2022 - Currency for the Soul
CURRENCY FOR THE SOUL:  We report for duty every day to someone or something.  Set your priorities and your treasure where God intends them.  Then you will find new currency for your soul.
November 6, 2022 - Does Prayer Matter?
DOES PRAYER MATTER?  When you pray, listen and God will make himself known in his grace.  He is your father and he loves you.  Don’t use techniques to try to manipulate him.  No more peacock prayers.  Prayer is hanging out with God and that matters
October 30, 2022 - The Best Secret
THE BEST SECRET:  The best secret we can have is helping someone out and not expecting any recognition, thanks or respect for it.  God notices our character and rewards accordingly.
October 23, 2022 - How to Get Even
HOW TO GET EVEN.  Revenge is for wimps.  Real men and women take it and let God get even.  Showing revenge is a display of immature character.  Connection to the kingdom of Jesus turns our desire for revenge into a desire to bless.
October 16, 2022 - Is Divorce OK?
IS DIVORCE OK?  Divorce is nasty business.  It is permitted but not required in Scripture.  Divorce can be an extension of grace that gives us a chance to get past a big mistake.  The obligation of the followers of Jesus is to be supportive of those who are hurting including those going through divorce.
October 9, 2022 - What About Lust and Adultery?
WHAT ABOUT LUST AND ADULTERY? Christians throughout history have shamed those who struggle with lust and adultery.  Instead of being agents of grace we have been congregations of condemnation.  Tune in to find a better way.
October 2, 2022 - Is Everyone Really Welcome?
IS EVERYONE REALLY WELCOME?  :  Laketon Bethel’s mission is woven into the core values.  These core values are a unique representation of our calling to follow Jesus.  Let’s get on board and promote this as we “be” the church in Laketon Township.
September 25, 2022 - What About Foul Language?
WHAT ABOUT FOUL LANGUAGE? Jesus teaches us that if we avoid putdowns and triangulation and use good, helpful and positive words instead our lives will be better.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?
September 18, 2022 - Did Jesus Break the Law?
DID JESUS BREAK THE LAW?  Jesus didn’t break the law because it was already broken.  He came to fix it and he did.  Now we have a much simpler way to live.
September 11, 2022 - Salt of the Earth
SALT OF THE EARTH:  No follower of Jesus has a day without purpose.  He calls us to be salt and light.  He calls us to be his representatives. The reward is no days of waste.
September 4, 2022 - How to Increase Your Blessings
HOW TO INCREASE YOUR BLESSINGS:  Jesus didn’t come to put a fake smile on your face; he came to give you deep and lasting contentment.  Follow his teachings and you will see a change deep in your soul.
August 28, 2022 - The Apprentice
THE APPRENTICE:  Ultimately, your apprenticeship with Jesus is the vital center of your life.  Make it your top priority.  (from Matthew 5)
August 21, 2022 - Will You Pass the Test?
WILL YOU PASS THE TEST?  God allowed the serpent in Eden, and he has allowed us to be tested ever since.  Grace is available for all who fail the test, which is all of us from Adam on.
August 14, 2022 - God Is Greater Than Our Feelings
GOD IS GREATER THAN OUR FEELINGS.  When we are slaves to our feelings, our lives can be miserable.  God has a simple solution for mastery of our feelings.  (from 1 John 3)
August 7, 2022 - How Can I Know I'm Forgiven?
HOW CAN I KNOW I'M FORGIVEN.  : You and I are sinners.  We need to admit that.  If we want forgiveness, it needs to be confessed to God.  He will forgive us as he has promised because of his faithful mercy.  (from 1 John 1)
July 31, 2022 - Prowling Cougars
PROWLING COUGARS from 1 Peter 5:  The devil and his minions want to disable your faith.  They know they cannot have your soul so they settle on making you miserable with discouragement.  Stand firm and the cougars will look for someone else to bite.  The antidote for discouragement is gratitude.
July 24, 2022 - Should Wives Be Submissive?
SHOULD WIVES BE SUBMISSIVE?  Making the case for complementarianism using the Bible can’t be done with integrity.  Because of Jesus, we are compelled to treat everyone equally.  We’re here to serve, not to decide who gets to rule.
July 17, 2022 - You Might Be a Priest If...
YOU MIGHT BE A PRIEST IF....  We’re all chosen by God to be functional priests that help bring people to Jesus.  As priests we do his work and speak out for him, so let’s live in such a way that the not-yet-believers trust us.
July 10, 2022 - Why Did I Say That?
WHY DID I SAY THAT?  We say destructive things because we have the ability.  When we follow Jesus’ law of love, our toxic speech is greatly reduced.  When you treat others with dignity and honor, you develop a healthy and robust community around you.
July 3, 2022 - With Flying Colors
WITH FLYING COLORS:  We can get through the tests and challenges of life with flying colors because our Master is cheering us on.  He sends us a special helper to get through the challenging times.
June 26, 2022 - Where's My Ripple?
WHERE'S MY RIPPLE?  When Jesus comes into our lives, we can change the old way of looking at religion and embrace his new, much better way.
June 19, 2022 - The Misunderstood Dad
THE MISUNDERSTOOD DAD:  Sometimes dads, including “our father in heaven,” are misunderstood.  If we want serenity in this life, maybe we could stop judging our dads and accept the fact that there are lots of things we don’t understand.  We can accept our heavenly father as knowing more than we do and we can represent Jesus to our earthly fathers.
June 12, 2022 - How to Avoid Arguments
HOW TO AVOID ARGUMENTS: avoid arguments as much as possible.  No one ever wins an argument.   Instead, know what you’re talking about and teach gently.
June 5, 2022 - Endorphins for the Soul
ENDORPHINS FOR THE SOUL: Faith without good works is dead; faith with good works thrives and grows.  It produces endorphins for the soul.
May 29, 2022 - What's Your Purpose?
WHAT'S YOUR PURPOSE?  The purpose of the church is not to keep church goers happy so it can collect their money.  The purpose of the church is to serve the community as representatives of Jesus.  Your purpose as an individual follower of Jesus is to represent him with all you do and say.
May 22, 2022 - How to Get a Clean Slate
HOW TO GET A CLEAN SLATE:  Jesus has given you a clean slate.  Don’t let anyone try to dirty it up again.
May 15, 2022 - What if I Can't Do All Things?
WHAT IF I CAN'T DO ALL THINGS?  What if I can’t do all things through Christ who gives me strength?  This is one of the most misinterpreted and taken out of context verses (Philippians 4.13).  So, let’s look at this verse in its context and maybe we will see the show the deeper comfort and encouragement that comes from understanding it as it was intended. 
May 8, 2022 - How to Worry Better
HOW TO WORRY BETTER:  Worry and anxiety are choices we make when we choose to reject God.  If we change our worries into prayers and grateful thoughts, we will experience the peace that only God offers.
May 1, 2022 - The Loser's Circle
THE LOSER'S CIRCLE:  Be like Jesus.  Be a “loser” in the world’s way of measuring things.  Then, in Jesus’ kingdom, you will experience the great reversal.