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Oct. 25, 2020 - Disagree Without Disrespect
DISAGREE WITHOUT DISRESPECT: In our heated political climate, followers of Jesus have the opportunity to model the teachings he gives us. It is always OK to disagree. It is never OK to disrespect. Followers of Jesus are called to honor all of God's children.
Oct. 18, 2020 - A Lighter Burden
A LIGHTER BURDEN.  Jesus’ burden is easier because he changes our values. He takes away our need to prove our significance and teaches us to live in humble grace.
Oct. 11, 2020 - What Can We Expect?
WHAT CAN WE EXPECT?  Good things, because of who God is and not because of who we are or what we have done.
Oct. 4, 2020 - Re-Vision
RE-VISION: We’re suggestion that everyone follows Paul’s mandate from 1st Corinthians 12 to trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly and love extravagantly.  Doing these three things will result in many positive life changes.
Sept. 27, 2020 - The Long Haul
THE LONG HAUL: how can we get through the Covid crisis?  This brief teaching brings out some ideas from the Bible on how to develop spiritual grit that helps us get through anything.
Sept. 20, 2020 - Red's Livin' On the Edge
RED'S LIVIN' ON THE EDGE: Guest teacher Theresa Schiltz shares her secrets of how to deal with life's storms.
Sept. 13, 2020 - A Goal for Your Soul
A GOAL FOR YOUR SOUL.  Is it possible to be "calm in the soul" during a pandemic?  Is it right to be calm?  Can I lower my level of anxiety by paying attention to my soul?
Sept. 6, 2020 - Spitting Nickels
SPITTING NICKELS: today we are encouraging encouragers to encourage using examples from the Bible.
August 30, 2020 - The Real Enemy
THE REAL ENEMY: We’re fighting on two fronts.  The first front is the virus and all the fallout from it.  The second front is the gray matter between our ears, that we often surrender to the bad spirits of cynicism, ingratitude and pessimism.  Paul tells us how to win on the second front.
August 23, 2020 - What About the Kids?
WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS?  Today we remind ourselves of our purpose as a church, what God has called us to do and be.  We need, in times of crisis like this, to remind ourselves of God’s vision for this church and of God’s vision for us as individuals.  What is God calling us to do?  What is the right thing to do in times like this?  What is the right thing to do today?  How can we steer ourselves toward becoming the kind of church that God wants?  How can you become the kind of person God is calling you to be?
August 16, 2020 - But I Won't Do That!
BUT I WON'T DO THAT!  We look at Jonah [and the Whale]. Jonah ran from God and his mission – and the consequences are an important message for all of us. Like Jonah, we can address chaos, worries and concerns in our lives when we stop avoiding what we know we should do. And the results of reconciling with our life mission can be miraculous.
August 9, 2020 - Losing Your Grip
LOSING YOUR GRIP.  We take a look at some readings from the 12th chapter of Hebrews that teach us how to lose our grip with grace in any situation, especially as we deal with COVID 19.
August 2, 2020 - Does God Want to Bless?
DOES GOD WANT TO BLESS? Or, does he want to make life difficult for you?  Or maybe both.  We'll take a look at this question in this message.


July 26, 2020 - Why is Life So Hard?
WHY IS LIFE SO HARD? Life is hard because the devil and his minions have messed it up.  How do we handle it?
1. Eat a steak.  Enjoy the Lord’s bounty.  There are good things that we can look forward to and enjoy in this life.
2. Follow Jesus.  Take Jesus’ teachings to heart.  Put them into practice.  Treat others as you want to be treated.  Love as Jesus loves us.  Fill cups.  Be a blessing.
3. Trust Jesus to save you.  He’s making room for you in his father’s house.  He can do it.  Trust him for your great future.  Be a grateful optimist.  
July 19, 2020 - Our Spiritual Hearts
Guest teacher Steve Mussman helps us understand the dangers of being "pew potatoes."
July 12, 2020 - Free Refills for the Soul
FREE REFILLS FOR THE SOUL: Can your cup overflow with blessings even as you walk through the valley of the virus?  If so, how? I recently rediscovered the children's book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud.  Her principles are in line with the teachings of Jesus and very practical.  God uses others to fill our cups.  You are the "others."
July 5, 2020 - Would Jesus Wear a Mask?
WOULD JESUS WEAR A MASK?  We take a look at the answer to this question derived from Jesus' own teachings in the gospels.
June 28,2020 - Positive Therapy for the Soul Part 10: Make a Difference
POSITIVE THERAPY FOR THE SOUL, PART 10: MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  God loves you and wants to spend all eternity with you.  That is the reason why you were created.  He also wants you to help recruit his lost children to himself.  He forces no one to love him, he wants the love to be voluntary.  You are to be the reason they love him, so let your light shine.  Make a difference.
June 21, 2020 - Positive Therapy for the Soul Part 9: From the Inside Out
POSITIVE THERAPY FOR THE SOUL, PART 9: FROM THE INSIDE OUT.  The most therapeutic thing you can do for your soul is to surrender to God.  Doing so will give you hope, purpose and inner peace.
June 14, 2020 - Positive Therapy for the Soul, Part 8: Take Charge of Your Thoughts
POSITIVE THERAPY FOR THE SOUL, PART 8: TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR THOUGHTS.  To reduce melancholy during the quarantine or any other unpleasant situation, surrender your heart and mind to God and then work at it.  Add sweat equity to move from being an angry pessimist to a grateful optimist.
June 7, 2020 - Positive Therapy for the Soul Part 7: The Great Covid Commandment
POSITIVE THERAPY FOR THE SOUL, PART 7: THE GREAT COVID COMMANDMENT.  Love is often the missing ingredient in our souls.  If we want our souls to thrive, we must both give and receive love.
May 31, 2020 - Positive Therapy for the Soul Part 6 - Prepare for Obstacles
POSITIVE THERAPY FOR THE SOUL, PART 6: PREPARE FOR OBSTACLES.  We live in a world where things go wrong.  This is normal.  If we want our souls to survive, we need to be prepared.  We need to build some reserves so that we can be resilient when times are up, down or sideways.
May 24, 2020 - Positive Therapy for the Soul part 5 - Lingering Hate or Clean Slate
LINGERING HATE OR CLEAN SLATE, part 5 of the series "Positive Therapy for the Soul."  This session takes a look at the damaging effect of lack of forgiveness to the soul and how to get rid of it.
May 17, 2020 - Positive Therapy for the Soul Part 4: A Heart Exam
POSITIVE THERAPY FOR THE SOUL, PART 4: A HEART EXAM.  We all get infected from time to time with doubts, fears and bad attitudes.  We need to let the Great Physician examine our hearts and heal us from these things so we can have the joyful life he intends for us.
May 10, 2020 - Positive Therapy for the Soul Part 3: Removing the Victim Label
POSITIVE THERAPY FOR THE SOUL, PART 3: REMOVING THE VICTIM LABEL.  Let's think about replacing the blaming and self-pity that often accompany situations like this with grateful optimism.
May 3, 2020 - Positive Therapy for the Soul, Part 2 - Respond or React
POSITIVE THERAPY FOR THE SOUL, PART 2: RESPOND OR REACT.  God has given each of us the ability to respond wisely to all circumstances.  Let’s choose to do that.  Maybe you can remind this preacher to respond with thoughtful grace rather than react with anger.
Apr. 26. 2020 - Positive Therapy for the Soul, Part One: Attitude Upgrade
POSITIVE THERAPY FOR THE SOUL, PART ONE: ATTITUDE UPGRADE.  Here we discuss how in coping with the virus shutdown, we can spread something even more contagious, an attitude rooted in Christ.
Apr. 19, 2020 - Well Done
WELL DONE.  You will likely survive this virus.  How will you make the rest of your life count?  Will Jesus say to you on the day your number is up, “Well done, enter into the joy of your Master?”
Apr. 12, 2020 - A New Day is Dawning
A NEW DAY IS DAWNING, an Easter message.  Jesus came out of the tomb in much better shape than he went in.  We can come out of this pandemic much better than we were before if we let him lead us.  Let's come out of this with stronger faith, stronger purpose and bigger hearts.
April 5, 2020 - Thunder Chicken
THUNDER CHICKEN: A teaching of Jesus on anxiety from Matthew 6.
Mar. 29, 2020 - Peace in a Pandemic
PEACE IN A PANDEMIC, three things you can do that will make your journey through this pandemic go better, based on Philippians 4.6-8
Mar. 22, 2020 - When God Orders Downtime
"WHEN GOD ORDERS DOWNTIME": based on the story of Mary and Martha from Luke 10.38-42.
Mar. 15, 2020 - Christ in our Crises
CHRIST IN OUR CRISES from Luke 8.  We can stay calm in all our storms.
Mar. 8, 2020 - Released from the Law

RELEASED FROM THE LAW: Jesus has something much better for us that the rules of popular religion.  From Matthew 5.17-20

March 1, 2020 - Celebrating New Direction

CELEBRATING NEW DIRECTION - Today is a special service celebrating the completion of a discipleship program at Muskegon Rescue Mission.

Feb. 23, 2020 - Industrial Strength Anxiety
INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH ANXIETY: how the teaching of Jesus can show us the way to greatly reduce anxiety in our lives.
Feb. 16, 2020 - Poser Free Religion
POSER FREE RELIGION: Jesus said, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.  No need to be a poser.  No need to add on to who you are.  Be yourself with Jesus and you will see more and more of him in your life.
Feb. 9, 2020 - Blessed Are the Break-Givers
BLESSED ARE THE BREAK-GIVERS.  How often should I forgive those who hurt me? How often should I forgive my spouse? My kids? My neighbors? Is there a difference between forgiveness and reconciliation?  --from Matthew 5.7.
Feb. 2, 2020 - SMS From God
SMS FROM GOD, from Matthew 5.6: “You’re blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God. He’s food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat.”  God  is everywhere and he is messaging you.  Tune into that.
Jan. 26, 2020 - No Artificial Ingredients
NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS: “You’re blessed when you’re content with just who you are—no more, no less. That’s the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can’t be bought.” [Matthew 5.5]  You don’t need to minimize yourself for compliments or anything else.  You don’t need to pretend to make yourself more.  You’re cool being you.  You’re blessed when you realize this.
Jan. 19, 2020 - Bless Your Sorry Heart
BLESS YOUR SORRY HEART from Matthew 5.4.  Sorrow happens. How will you respond to it?  God blesses those who mourn for they will be comforted
Jan. 12, 2020 - Blessed Are the Inadequate

BLESSED ARE THE INADEQUATE or how to be happy at the end of your rope based on Matthew 5.3.

Jan. 5, 2020 - The Ring of Power

THE RING OF POWER: what does power do to you and what do you do with power?  We'll have a look at Jesus' teaching on power from the gospels today.

Dec. 29, 2019 - I Make All Things New
I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW, a New Year's teaching based on Revelation 21 where we hear Jesus say, "Look, I am making everything new."  That includes you.  He loves to do makeovers in our messy and sometimes messed up lives.
Dec. 22, 2019 - The God Who Hangs Out
THE GOD WHO HANGS OUT from Matthew 1.  Jesus came to help us change in every way.  He teaches us through the example of Joseph, to always build up those around us even when it appears they have been disloyal.  He teaches us that it is OK to disagree but not to disrespect.
Dec. 15, 2019 - There's Something About Mary

THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY from Matthew 1.18-25.  How important is it that we believe the whole "virgin birth" thing?  Is it possible that arguing the historicity of the virgin birth makes us miss the point of the arrival of Jesus as Immanuel, "God with us?"

Dec. 8, 2019 - The Bad Girls of Jesus
THE BAD GIRLS OF JESUS from Matthew 1.1-17.  Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba are mentioned as part of Jesus' family tree when women were rarely included in family histories.  All four of these women were outside of the circles of acceptable morality.  Matthew is making an obvious statement about inclusion, as should all the followers of Jesus.
Dec. 1, 2019 - Habits of Happiness - Growing Healthy Relationships

HABITS OF HAPPINESS: GROWING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS.  Happiness is often the reward of healthy relationships.  We learn that if we want to be happy, we need to be grateful for the people in our lives.  Based on Philippians 1.1-11.


Nov. 24, 2019 - 5 Daily Habits for Happiness
5 DAILY HABITS FOR HAPPINESS: how you can learn to be content by adding some simple practices to your daily routine.  From Philippians 3.
Nov. 17, 2019 - Habits of Happiness - Reducing Worry

REDUCING WORRY: how to replace worry with gratitude from Philippians 4.6-13.

Nov. 10, 2019 - Habits of Happiness - Contented Hearts

CONTENTED HEARTS from Philippians 2.12-18.  Happiness is like physical fitness for the soul.  Happiness is often a word used for contentment.  It this teaching we outline some steps that will increase contentment in our hearts and souls.

Nov. 3, 2019 - Habits of Happiness - The Humble Path to Happiness

THE HUMBLE PATH TO HAPPINESS.  Unresolved conflict is part of life but it hurts relationships and diminishes happiness.  Philippians 2.1-11 directs us to ways to reduce unresolved conflict in our lives.

Oct. 27, 2019 - Habits of Happiness - Achieving Contentment

ACHIEVING CONTENTMENT:  We're looking at a sure-fire way to add peace and contentment to your life.  The biblical text is Philippians 2.12-18.

Oct. 20, 2019 - Habits of Happiness - Growing Healthy Relationships
HABITS OF HAPPINESS, PART ONE: GROWING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS.  Happiness is often the reward of healthy relationships.  We learn that if we want to be happy, we need to be grateful for the people in our lives.  Based on Philippians 1.1-11.
Oct. 13, 2019 - There's a Lion in the Streets
THERE'S A LION IN THE STREETS.  Here we use the "roaring lion" passage from 1 Peter.  The devil only has the power we give him.  If we don't cooperate, he is a lame pussycat.  So let's learn how to master him.
Oct. 6, 2019 - Payback's A Blessing
PAYBACK'S A BLESSING:  "Summing up: Be agreeable, be sympathetic, be loving, be compassionate, be humble. That goes for all of you, no exceptions. No retaliation. No sharp-tongued sarcasm. Instead, bless—that’s your job, to bless. You’ll be a blessing and also get a blessing." - from 1 Peter 3.8-9.